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What the fuck is this . fucking grotesque
Seriously. Those sick and vile humans need to be tortured to the death. I know it's hentai, but after reading this makes me feel bad.
What does the artist think or feel while drawing this shit?
Yes... YESS!!! my DARK fetishes!
0/10 would not read again
I thought, hey, this seems pretty dark, cool. About halfway into the story it gets disgusting to where it isn't erotic anymore. It just spirals downward to a point where I believe the author is a fucked up person.
These niggers normalfags. Give me the old pururin people.
Kinky much?
Holy shit.. This was something intense
What the fuck type of doujinshi is this??
Fucking hell, i love this! I this got so "dark" that i couldn't stop laughing. Holy shit man. It's also pretty well drawn.
So dark, i can't even hear my heart
Wrong Target
Oh my....
Wrong Target
Oh my....
To the normalfag, this aint nothing lol
Tell you something
Leave while you can
I wanna puke, nya
Blòody smile
Humans in a nutshell.
Blòody smile
Humans in a nutshell.
That went from hot to messed up real quick
alrigt, but where is the traps?
<<< 10853 Anonymous >>>
See one of elui's (or was it shalua's?) child?
i feel bad as human and have a dick
To everybody complaining about dis doujin, just atone for ur sin already
Well, u are completely failure as a doujin reader when u cant stand it. Leave this world already and read ur normal everyday manga, dude
IT NEEDS TO BE A LOT LONGER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It started well but it got really wird really fast,dude you got a really fuked up mind you know that,I mean I like a bit of fetish and stuff but having babies while getting fuked OMG that was really mest up and disgusting. I like the way you drew the mother though. I was a bit shocked about the story really.
I rediscover Pururin after it got shut down to find it infested with normalfags.
If you could all promptly fuck off you'd have my gratitude.
Let's see those normies crying over a doujin.
Pregnant MILF and loli is turning me on so much, I thought there would be trap too but I'm disappointed the trap only appeared once. It would be perfect if the trap was raped too.

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