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What the fuuucck, why did they draw this shit ?
Too old for me
dont mind me
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Who gives a shit its just ink, every single reason there even is an age of consent doesn't apply to lines on a page, just do what people that don't like Yaoi or beastlity do, ignore it
Im on some kind of list now aren't I
At the end, i was like:“I've seen enough hentai to know where this is going***...
wheres the popo
i wish this never awake some things in me :O
This kind of creeps me out..***... I think I'm done with manga after seeing this shit
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Rape, no that's ok, murder, beastility, gore, futa etc etc, no what creeps you out is Loli drawings, and loli drawings that were vanilla, the world could use less retards in the world, let's hope you do stay away from manga and hentai, your still too immature to realize the difference between fiction and reality
You guys can always just ignore yknow
Dank memious
Fantastic story, and artwork. Then on the other hand, I find it sooo interesting that the "little boys" out there hate this kind of stuff. Yet they sit, and read the hold story, from start to finish before they start their bitching. Just look at the fucking opening page, and tags to see the kind of story it's going to be. That way you won't hurt your "little child" eyes. Also I wonder if little Himari chan can feel "it" when she plays in her place "down there" on her body?
amazing manga. the detail. the little face of loli. oh its very satisfiying
Remember fellow comrades, never, i repeat NEVER do something like those shown in this doujin to real children

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