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I don't know what to say, or what to rate it, etc. I thought this was going to be the third good, long one of today, and instead I ended feeling fucked up. Damn them feelings.
I thought of hardcore rape while looking at the tags but someone should tag this with "sentimental" or "emotional" . Really somehow it's. . . melancholic.
Pulled this up expecting a 360+ page sex slave rape fest.***... ended up having a feels trip.***... wtf dude??
Came for the S&M Erofu, stayed for the feels.
For rape vibes read up till 229 for happy vibes start from 230
Well, . . . does this mail-order elf website exist? I wanna purchase one of those elves pls. This doujin totally convinced me to order it, . . . IF THIS SITE EXISTS!
If I could(cause I'm sentimental like that) I'd order an "18 year old" and, upon arriving, would treat her like a daughter(just a straight up daughter,no sex)

Yeah this stirred up some hardcore feels***...
Holy shit. I'm really expecting a cliche elf slave but hot damn not ready for that guilt trip the author pulled.
This guys reaction is priceless-mon. Mail-Order Succubus next? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Dear lord I looked at the comments and thought to myself "It can't be that bad.&***... But, man I was wrong. I still have tears in my eyes.
aw that was a cute ending
Great ending
Such unbelieveable good story T_T
Awesome, i exptected a elf slave story but the changing relationship is a nice touch
oh man. this made me feel depressed for some reason. fucked my heart's dick and all
Bloody smile
This shit managed to fullfil my intense desire to sadistically conquer a girl and my desire for a quiet vanilla love of acceptance and understanding. A solid 10/10.
No doubt.
Peace out * turns around and cape loudly flutters in the wind*
To honest, I quite enjoyed it
tfw no maid outfit sex.
If I had her I would treasure her and she will be my maid.***... about a month
Really wish there was a "Wholesome" tag. Not happy sex.

This reminds me of tiny evil
Bloody smile
Just helping you lazy fucks.
200 000 yen=
1798 dollar.
1324 brit pounds.
7532 ringgit malaysia.
11768.925 Chinese Yuan.
This is just an outright masterpiece. It wasn't like any other hentai mangas i've ever read. It actually made me sad. Really sad. It really hits me in the feels. At first, i thought this was just going to be a normal, standard hentai manga. But no. After scrolling for a bit. Man, this shit is just.***... a masterpiece.
Bloody smile
Came back here to say.
For some more good? feels read: tiny evil 1 & 2
WoW. That was something..

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