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my heart kind of broke
that's....***... heartbreaking
Bitterweet ending, but a nice one.
MIT alliance from city 66 approve this hentai
The ending T.T
What a bitch. Toying with his heart.
Man this is why I stick with bdsm. The ending was too bittersweet.
A Hentai fan
It's funny, but a hentai comic has elicited more emotion out of me than anything else in the media of films, video games or books. It's a sad feeling, but I appreciate that even hentai can have its merits, even if it's just the smallest of them.
<<< 15058 A Hentai fan >>>
Yeah. Despite me being a jaded, and cynical robot. Hentai, and or any well written story makes me feel feeli***... for a brief moment.
Please let there be another chapter this cant be how it ends it has so much potential please continue the story
Nooooo, why such a sad ending. T.T
Bloody smile
You see this awesome shit!
This is how you ty loose ends!
This is how you set things straight.
This is the ending that should have happened in (Master and Slave relationship with Yuri-nee / ゆり姉との主従関係.) If that Yuri-nee had even a tenth of a functioning brain.
Is what i can honestly say. * raises hands and scream out ( my brain it trembles!)* using betlegeuse's voice.
Wtf the endin***...
Soo there is a...***... prequel??
God damnit ... want more ! u cant leave it like that ..bri***... her back, knock her up or all of the above just give more plz
I expected this to make me sad based on the comments. Byt, luckily it didn't and I was able to fap without a care. She has a bombshell ass. Absolutely beautiful.

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