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While I have no problems with chicks with dicks, this is just a dude with balloon tits. The action is hot, but I can't get over that first part.
as long as they have beautiful bodies and anuse***... I am happy
Loved the relationship. Kinda weird that she had giant breasts and a huge cock and neither were really addre***...
I agree with BronzeRobot. The text of the story even identifies the eldest sibling as male.
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I don't mind anything gay, especially when the art, and action is good, but him being a him, instead of a true futa killed it. This is hentai, a magical wonderland, unlike that place with the mouse symbol.
One of the best
Bloody smile
My head above is confused yet my head below is satisfied. My heart says just put this under "thats someone else's fetish" file and keep in the 16 Gb pendrive i keep in the secret compartment under my shoe rack.
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Thats also part of the magical wonderland! Most real gay couples are visually revolting. I'm not saying their bad people nor did they made bad life choices. Their just visually revolting to me.
Good and interesting
Wtf nigga, i thought that nigga was a girl wtf
Irritates me that Pururin and nhentai put shemale stuff under futanari. Futanari is chicks with dicks and shemale is dudes with tits. They're different, separate them.
I came here for the shota. It did not disappoint. The focus on the shota's expressions was wonderful.

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