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I didnt get it a bit but, nice
It was a bit of sexual organ terminology. This is basically, how to increase sex experience 101. Look it up :)
oh shit, he gonna get dem blue balls. nice manga thi
That miyu's face when the dude nut,such a gold
That ending was Hilarious!
Next volume: the guy gets butt-raped
It's like the theory behind hentai, knowing that technique exists is interesting despite taking a long while to achieve, the research actually gave this a great story line
that was great
Aww, I'd love to see a continuation with this couple--with them working on the guys prostate -- they really seem to care for each other. They've got a healthy approach to sex too-- honestly more manga need to be like this rather than all this creepy pedophilic shit
Bloody smile
<<< 23565 Anonymous >>>
Honestly i think the so called 'pedophilic shit' doujin is necessary.
I mean we all have a / a few screws loose in our heads and doujins are a good outlet that prevents crime to a certain extent. How much it helps or harms is still up to debate though so take it with a grain of salt.

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