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Bloody smile
Remove the ntr tag please.
Bloody smile
Summary: drunk girl + unrequited love boy = preggers
Damn, why am I on the brother's side? Not gonna lie, can't wait to see what happens next if there is a second part.
is this NTR or nah, cuz I aint reading doujin with ntr tags <<< 23422 Tamvan Menawan >>>
<<< 23455 Anonymous >>>
More like Netori for me
This is even more fucked up than usual.
<<< 23422 Anonymous3033 >>>
Why are you on his side?
<<< 23648 BronzeRobot >>>
Not sure? Maybe is because her bf looks like a gimpy smug punk. Or I'm just being a jerk.
Gr8 Incest of the year
<<< 23684 Anonymous3033 >>>
I mean hes technically the victim here.

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