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Nice one, yet I got a feeling that girl is gonna hunt younger boys soon. Wish that was a thing for a sequel. (Looks at page 10) Damn that was a dull birthday. Was this made in 2017? How time flies.
Young Wise Man
Very Nice,but the fact that she's not a virgin makes me feel bad for the fathe***... to see a seque***... still really nice 10/10
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Hidden Sequel:
She lost her virginity when the father was aslee***... if you know what i mean ;)
now, THIS is the best daddy-daughter-incest doujin i've ever read so far. what a really thought-provoking, nice and interesting story. 10/10. would fap again. <3
it's weird to read the dialog
translators couldn't figure out if they wanted us to read it from the left or right
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you're supposed to read it from right to left . . .
I love my dad, but not in that way (lol)
Stop. My penis can only get so erect.
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So funny “did I just assault my own daughter”.
Wtf. The fact that she had sex with the teacher ruins the whole fucking story ;-;
I really loved this one <3
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reply to wtf
she didn't sleep with the teacher, she simply hit on him and said she'd try again if her father didn't do what she wanted him to, you can even see in her thought bubbles that it was actually her first time
loli lovers
Yes.. i love this
Bloody smile
My dark side has been satisfied..
for today atleast..
For the first time in a while, I wasn't horny while reading a Doujin on this site. As a result I was actually able to appreciate the plot for once and the"plot" as well.

She has nice feet.
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This is hardly very dark.
She probably was still a virgin. Girls can break their hymen without losing their virginities, either through exercise, masturbation, or even being born without one. Even the act of breaking a hymen isn't always bloody.(all of this is why virginity tests don't work). So her dad had the experience of fucking her "slutty daughter" despite her not actually being experienced.

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